The Silent Snapshop App

Spystagram is an Andriod stealth application that takes a silent snapshot from the front facing camera of anyone peeking, snooping, stealing or using your cell phone without permission. After your cell phone's password is entered incorrectly, Spystagram notifies you via email or text message with the perpetrator's location, picture and timestamp.

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About Us

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Spystagram Features

Monitor Incorrect Password Attempts

Spystagram detects incorrect password attemps and notifies you via email and/or text message as soon as it occurs.

Receive Spystagram Email Alerts

As soon as your cell phone's password is incorrectly entered, Spystagram will alert you via email and/or text message with the time, location and image of the perpetrator. You can report any unauthorized use to your local authorities.

Secretly Take Snapshots

Spystagram secretly takes silent snapshots throught the front facing camera of the perpetrator accessing your cell phone without permission.

Remotely Activate Device Alarm

Send a text message to activiate an alarm on your cell phone even if it is silent.

Request Device Location

If your phone is lost or stolen, easily send a text message to pinpoint its location.

Request Call Back

Send a text message to your cell phone and have it call you at any time.

Receive Spystagram Text Messsage Alerts

Receive a text message to any phone number when Spystagram detects unauthorized use.

Spystagram in Action

Take part in your own investigation with Spystagram!

How To Use Systagram

  • Step 1 After downloading Spystagram, open your cell phone's dialer, dial 0 and press call. Spystagram will instantly appear
  • Step 2 Enable Spystagram
  • Step 3 Setup a screen lock for your phone if you have not done so already.
  • Step 4 Enable “Send Email” to start receiving Spystagrams.
  • Step 5 Configure Email Settings. Spystagram utilizes SMTP to send Spystagram alerts. Your email and password are requred to send and receive Spystagram alerts. Your password is only stored on your cell phone and never shared with 3rd parties. If you have any questions please let us know.
  • Step 6 Enable “Send Email” to start receiving Spystagrams.
  • Step 7 "Send Test Email" to ensure your SMPT email details were correctly entered. If you do not receieve a text Spystagram alert pelase try entering your email address and password again.
  • Step 8 Configure Stealth Settings to set up a pin# to access Spystagram from your cell phone's dialer



For general questions, bug reports or press inquires please email support [@] (remove the brackets).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do I install Spystagram?

    Download Spystagram from the Android Market. Please refer to the "How To" page for more information.

  • Q. How do I setup my cell phone's screen lock?

    Go to Settings > Location & Security > Set up screen lock.

  • Q. Which screen security locks are supported (pin, password, pattern)?

    All lock patterns are supported.

  • Q. How do I uninstall Spystagram?

    To uninstall, please disable Spystagram. Then go to your app listing and uninstall Spystagram.

  • Q. Where are snapshots stored on my device?

    Use your favorite Android file manager to access /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/

  • Q. Why am I not receiving Spystagram email alerts?

    Please double check your email settings. Make sure you correctly entered your email address and password. If you are 100% certain that your settings are correct, check your email SPAM folder. If your issue still persists, please contact us.

  • Q. Why is the location missing from my Spystagram alert?

    Please make sure your device's network location provider is enabled.

  • Q. Why is the snapshot missing from my Spystagram email alert?

    This is a known issue with some HTC and Motorola devices. If you experience this problem you will still receive Spystagram email alerts without snapshots. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

  • Q. How do I request my cell phone's location via SMS commands?

    Enable Location request from the SMS commands menu. Once enabled, you can send a text message to your phone with #whereareyou#PIN in your text message to receive the location of your phones(within 25 feet or so).

  • Q. How do I activate my phone's alarm via SMS commands?

    Enable "Play Alarm Sound" from the SMS Commands menu. Once enabled, you can send a text message to your phone with #alarm#PIN (set your SMS Commands pin) to instantly activate the alarm. Please note the alrm will turn on even if your phone is on vibrate or silence. The only way to turn off the alarm is to enter your device's password correctly.

  • Q. How do I change the threshold of failed password attempts?

    Under Spystagram's settings you can change the failed password threshold by clicking "Send Spystagrams After X Failed Password Attempt(s)". When Spystagram is enabled, the standard failed password attempt threshold is set on "Every failed password attempt".